About Us

  • "No Teachers Left Behind" (NTLB) was developed by Dr.Judy Murray.
  • Her passion and personal calling to support teachers in the United States of America is exciting and much needed in our schools.
  • Dr. Murray educational background:
    • Doctorate in Education.
    • Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.
    • Masters in Education.
    • Masters in Divinity.
    • Researcher Dissertation in "Retaining Teachers in Classroom for more than three years".
    • Has taught Human Relations and Psychology at Tarrant Community College.
    • Is also a national teacher developer.

What We Do For Teachers

  • SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH - We provide free in home and call in counseling services for teachers.
    • How It Works:
      • Teachers may call into our office to receive counseling services from an intern counselor, or they may request in home counseling services supervised by licensed volunteer counselors.
    • SUPPLEMENTING INCOME - We provide free gift cards and vouchers to supplement teachers’ incomes. These gift cards and vouchers may be used for food, household supplies, personal hygiene, and other daily essentials.
      • How It Works:
        • Teachers must simply fill out a quick online eligibility form, then visit our home office to pick up their gift cards or vouchers.
      • PROVIDING FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES - We save teachers money by providing free office and school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and other essential classroom supplies.
        • How It Works:
          • To receive their free classroom supplies, teachers must complete an online request form, then visit our home office where they can choose the supplies they need.
        • REDUCING OUT OF CLASS WORKLOAD - We provide well vetted college interns to support teachers with after hours grading and administrative duties.
          • How It Works:
            • To be assigned a college intern for academic support, teachers are required to submit a short online eligibility form only.
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