About Us

"No Teachers Left Behind" (NTLB) was developed by Dr. Judy Murray Ed.D.. This non-profit focuses on establishing a fresh new level of awareness in the Uniited States of Americans in the area of honoring, respecting, and valuing our teachers. We believe that teachers are the foundation of our educational system, therefore we are determined to support teachers in every area of their lives. Our organization travels to schools in America to address specific issues that personally impact a teacher's performance. We meet will privately with school administrators, educational leaders, and government officials to support a new generation of teachers in America. Our vision is to support, encourage, motivate, and inspire teachers by offering as many personal and professional resources to ensure they remain healthy in the classroom. Our ongoing primary goal is to offer personal counseling for teachers, and assist low income schools with supplemental teacher's salary. We give free school supplies to teachers. We offer free gift cards for teacher's personal needs. We organize free weekend retreat for teachers to relax after a stressful week in the classroom. We supply interns to grade and correct papers during after-school hours. We want to change how Americans value, honor, and respect our teachers in America.
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