What We Do

No Teachers Left Behind (NTLB) was developed to bring a new level of awareness of how Americans honor, respect, and value teachers. We travel to schools in the United States of America to address the issues that personally effect teachers within their local schools. We meet with school administrators, educational leaders, and government officials to change the way we prepare and hire teachers in America.

As a registered new non profit organization our financial annual goals will focus on giving maximum financial support to teachers in the areas of reduced counseling cost primarily for issues that teachers face daily, free safety training skills, free school supplies, free weekend retreats, gifts certificates, free college interns for after-school paperwork demands, most important to supplement school districts need extra financial support. We realize that we cannot wait until change comes in regard to how we honor, respect and value our teacher, we must begin the change!

My Credentials are as follows:

  • Dr. Judy Murray Ed, D, founder of "No Teacher Left Behind"
  • Doctorate in Education
  • Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Masters in Education
  • Masters in Divinity
  • Previous owner of a Private Education center { Moments of Inspiration by Murray LLC) in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.
  • Professor of Psychology (Tarrant Community College)
  • Professor of Human Development (Tarrant Community College)
  • Publication of Dissertation "Retaining Teachers in the Classroom for more than 5 years" 2013