About Us

  • "No Teachers Left Behind" (NTLB) was developed by Dr.Judy Murray Ed.D.
  • Dr. Murray's powerful passion and personal calling to support teachers in the areas of Health and Wellness the United States of America is exciting to watch and much needed in our school districts.
  • Dr. Murray educational background:
    • Doctorate in Educational Leadership.
    • Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.
    • Masters in Education.
    • Research Dissertation in "Retaining teachers in classroom for more than three years".
    • Adjunct Professor: Taught Human Development and Psychology at Tarrant Community College.
    • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Advanced Ppssychological Services in Rancho Cumcamonga, Ca

Support for Teachers

  • MENTAL HEALTH - We provide reduce online counseling services for teachers.

    How It Works:

    Teachers who are a crisis situation may call an receive support from a online licensed counselor or they may request a in home counseling session .

  • GIFTS CARDS FOR TEACHERS PERSONAL NEEDS - We provide free gift cards and vouchers for Health and Wellness products. These gift cards and vouchers may be used for food, personal needs, and other daily essentials to ensure teachers stay healthy in the classroom.

    How It Works:

    Teachers must complete online contact form, and we will send out gift cards or vouchers to their personal address.

  • PROVIDE FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES - We save teachers money by providing free school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and other essential classroom supplies.

    How It Works:

    Teachers must complete an online request form to indicate what supplies they need and we will mail the supplies to their school.

  • REDUCING THEIR WORKLOAD - We provide on call high school and college interns to support teachers with after hours grading duties.

    How It Works:

    Teachers are required to request their need for an intern one week in advance through an online contact form to be assigned a college or high school intern.

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