Dr. Judy Murray Ed.D

Founder/Executive Director

Dr. Murray has developed, managed policies and practices to ensure that her combination of therapy/educational wellness services for teachers are consistent with basic requirements for teachers to be healthy. Dr. Murray is a change catalyst,and a positive role model for the next generation of teachers. Dr. Murray has a long-standing record with the educational community and Health and Wellness businesses, to ensure that teachers are ready to teach,by reducing their stress levels, maintaining proper nutrition, and making sure they receive adequate physical activity to continue to teach in the classroom. Dr. Murray has managed and worked with teams on budgetary,online staff, and life coaching for improved outcomes for the health wellness for teachers. She has developed improvements and addressed issues of concern, especially with a teacher's health Dr. Murray has over sought the management of day-to-day operations of for profit and non-profit businesses. Dr. Murray personal calling and passion to support teachers nationwide is contagious and exciting for the next generation of teachers.

Dr. Earl F. Metzler II.

Board of Directors for NTLB

Dr. Earl Metzler is a nationally certified Superintendent of Schools with over 35 years in public education with a record of validated experience in driving student achievement by way of incorporating four pillars of academic success: rigor, accountability, evaluation and support for both students and educators in an effective and efficient approach. Utilizing universal screening devices, he leads educational teams in identifying strengths and weaknesses in academic programs and in engaging data-driven instructional improvements that deliver increased student achievement, improved instructional strategies, and overall teaching and learning satisfaction. Dr. Metzler is outcome-oriented and a proven innovative change agent who provides laser focus on school districts seeking improvement. He recognizes the transformation schools need to undergo to be successful and he welcomes this opportunity to share his knowledge and experience on which educational practices work in the 21st Century classroom and which ones are no longer effective.

Dr. Ambra Dodds Ed.D

Board of Directors for NTLB

Dr. Ambra Dodds currently serves as an Assistant Administrator of Instructional Improvement and Academic Coaching at a TK – 5 elementary school in the Inland Empire. Prior to this position, she spent 16 years as a classroom teacher and 3 years as a district-level Teacher on Special Assignment in the Professional Development Department. She believes that academics and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are equally important in education and should be treated as such. As a highly motivated educational leader, she is a problem solver, critical thinker, and a life-long learner. Dr. Dodds has a passion for inspiring and motivating others to become transformational leaders while maintaining balance in their personal lives.

Melvin Howells

Board of Directors for NTLB

Melvin Howell graduated from Clemson University with a major in Business and earned an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design from Caldwell Technical College. He has started and ran many successful businesses over the past 35 years and has an extensive background in fitness and nutrition. For 32 years, he also worked with law enforcement where he gained a new perspective on our youth and the need we have in this nation to help them succeed. His extensive background enables him to both physically train and mentor these young adults. Melvin is the founder and president of Howell Promotions, which includes the T-BOY scholarship and school-funding program, Affordable Fitness, Keep it Real Magazine, and the National All Sports Hall of Fame. His love and passion to help others while changing the lives of our youth has been the fire that never ceases to drive his efforts.

Mariah Ramirez

Marketing Intern

Mariah Ramirez is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. She is majoring in Communications and Media Studies. Upon completion of her degree, she will pursue a career in marketing. Mariah has worked on several marketing campaigns as well as a number of digital media projects ranging from social media to public relations. Mariah's passion is storying telling with a specific focus on marginalized communities. She plans furthering her education by enrolling in law school with a focus in civil rights and equality. Working at No Teachers Left Behind will enable her to combine her commitment to the community, passion for education, her strengths in marketing and communications

Caroline Lopez

Caroline Lopez De Lara is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine majoring in biological sciences with an intended minor in sociology. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I plan on enrolling in a doctoral program focusing on biomedical research and teaching. I have gained experience in writing, editing and proofreading through my studies, and I plan to use my passion for research alongside my writing skills to contribute to No Teachers Left Behind.

Blake Miranda

Blake Miranda graduated with a B.S in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California, Irvine. As an undergraduate, he joined the laboratories of Dr. Jodi Quas and Dr. Michael Yassa, running neuropsychological assessments on sensitive populations like maltreated adolescents and adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease. He has additionally worked for the university in a variety of academic and clinical roles, and has gained experience as a teaching assistant, a behavioral therapist, managing undergraduates, and coordinating clinical trials. He joins No Teachers Left Behind as a writing specialist, applying his clinical experience and passion for writing to assisting with manuscripts, grant proposals, and copy.
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